I’m About One Book Away From Tipping Over My House

2 06 2009

I’m pretty sure that I’ve bought at least 20 books in the last two weeks (many of them on my 1001 Books list!). That in itself is not a bad thing, especially since I picked most up at Goodwill and yard sales. The problem is that I live in a trailer. I’m certain that if not for my roommate’s boxes of books stacked against the wall in her room that my whole house would tip over towards the east. That would complicate my life a lot. I’m also perilously close to having no where to put new books. My big book case is full. I’m having to rearrange my ‘pretties’ into other places and smooshing them all together. Then my headboard is full of borrowed books. I have a stack of books on a corner of the bed. I also have library books on one of the end tables (so I don’t mix them in with my other stuff and allow them to be lost). There’s a book on the edge of the bath tub that I had intentions of started while immersed in bubbles and Eric Clapton on the stereo but I got caught in games on MyYearbook. Then there are either 3 or 4 books in my purse.
My name is Heatherly and I am a bibliophile




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