A Tasty Read

1 07 2009

Who doesn’t like chocolate? (If you answered that question saying that you don’t, you don’t count because chocolate is perfect and everyone should love it.) Well the book Chocolat by Joanne Harris is not really only about chocolate.

Vianne Rocher and her young daughter Anouk are free spirits that settle down for a time in a small town in France. They come right at the beginning of Lent and start turning the town upside down with their chocolatier shop and different ways. Vianne becomes the nemesis of the town priest Reynaud as he thinks she is leading his sheep astray. In truth, he’s battling his own demons of memory and shame. Near the end of the story the big Easter Festival is planned and prepared for, and Reynaud plots to sabotage it. Does he succeed? I’ll not tell, it would spoil the book.

The main themes play on right and wrong, good an evil, catholic and pagan, and a great many others. The classic underdogs are working hard to have something of their own and looked down on by the high and mighty.

The book is a quick read. There’s a bit of female empowerment going on, a great deal about friendships, and a taste of love.

I hear it’s been made into a movie. I should check that out now that I’ve read the book.




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