Zombie Mayhem Reviewed

29 07 2009

I finished Pride and Prejudice and Zombies a few days ago. I must say that all in all it was wonderful. The original integrity of the story Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy is maintained with small additions to the characters. All of the Bennet girls are Chinese trained zombie slayers as is Mr. Bennet. Mr. Bingley is a pansy who loses his dinner at the sight of zombies consuming brains. Mr. Darcy is quite skilled at zombie slaying, as is his aunt Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

I found only a few things unnecessary. First and foremost was the sexual innuendos. Sure a comment about “his most English parts” in his trousers or a play on words while tossing about gun ammunition (balls) is ok. But, there were a few places where the additions took away from the stry somewhat. They altered the perception of Elizabeth Bennet’s proper decorum. The second thing that I had issues with was Charlotte turning into a zombie. It added nothing to the story and actually seemed silly in some places.

Other than just a few areas that I thought could do without the additions it was still very much the same story. The zombie mayhem actually made the story progress faster than the original because there was action to spur a reader on.

I give the book 4 out of 5 stars. It was a few sexual innuendos off from a perfect rating in my book.

In telling an acquaintance about the book I recieved the following comment: “Jane Austen is probably turning over in her grave!” My response is: Perhaps she wants to join in the brain munching mayhem.




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