A Revelation

2 08 2009

I arrived at a moment of revelation the other day. I may have a goal of reading the “1001 Books to Read Before You Die” plus personal additions. However, if I am doing this for enjoyment there is no reason to complete books that I abhor.

Recently I’ve been trying to read Madame Bovary. I detest this book. I have no sympathy for the main character. She’s a whiney brat that knew what she was getting in to. Rumors from friends who did read the book for some class or another lead me to believe that I will detest her more and more. I hate this book because I hate this character and I’m wondering where the point is.

I’ve decided not to finish Madame Bovary. I also may not finish Gulliver’s Travels. The story is good, but the language (or more the poor grammar and random capitalization and punctuation) is driving me batty.

So, from now on I allow myself to quit a book if I want to. It makes no sense to not have fun doing something that is supposed to be fun. I can make myself read the awful things later IF I ever take a class that requires them.




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