Austen Obsessed

16 01 2010

I just finished Emma last night. I dearly loved that book and I still can’t believe that I didn’t get into Jane Austen before now.  The main character is lovable if a bit naïve about the world around her.  She spends most of the story trying to match her friend Harriet with gentleman she has been associated with and ends up finding that most of those men prefer another woman.    The story has a happy ending of course, as do all the other Austen novels I have read. 

Next on my list is a copy of Lady Susan, The Watsons, and Sandition that Penguin gave me for Christmas. 

In addition to reading a great deal of Austen recently I have procured copies of many movie versions of her novels.  I hope to do a little comparing and contrasting once I have viewed them.  There is also a movie called Lost in Austen , one called Becoming Jane, and another called The Jane Austen Book Club in my queue to watch.    I’m pretty excited to see what those are all about.

I have no idea what I’ll do here in a few more weeks once I’ve run out of Jane Austen novels to read.  It has really become a compulsion to find a new one to grab at the used book store or Borders.  I’ll have to move on to other great authors and find a new obsession.




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