Chick lit update

22 01 2010

Early in 2009 I wrote about Jen Lancaster and my love of her snarkiness and wit.  I had read her first three books and couldn’t put them down.  Her fourth book was Pretty In Plaid and I was remiss in never getting around to reviewing it.  Pretty was a deviation from her previous books’ style.  Always before she started at point A and ended at point B (or maybe Z because she isn’t exactly concise).  Her books weren’t always strictly chronological, but they made sense from situation to situation.  In Pretty in Plaid she takes more of a short story approach based upon a memorable piece of clothing.  Now they weren’t always loved pieces of clothing, but they did shape her life and how she chooses clothing now.  From a denim jacket to a Liz Claiborn bag to her first suit, Jen shows us how she weathered her youth, teens, and 20s. 

Jen has a new book coming out soon.  It is supposed to be called My Fair Lazy.  She also has a blog where she posts funny little stories, pics of her pets, and occasional book plugs.  It’s usually hilarious.

If you’re in to chick lit or if you just need a good laugh pick up a Jen Lancaster and prepare to laugh your butt off.




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