The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

28 01 2010

My most recent read was The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards.  To be honest, I was a little disappointed.  I had expected something a little more “Cider House Rules”  as far as the controversy goes.  I’d heard it was all about giving up a less than perfect baby and having a set of twins growing up not knowing each other existed.  Paul Henry with his doctor father and homemaker mother growing up as a normal kid and Phoebe growing up with Down’s Syndrome with Caroline, her father’s former nurse, for a mother.

The basic plot is a linear timeline through twenty-five years with flashbacks here and there into the past of David Henry (the father).  Most of the story is how the Henrys fell apart after the birth due to a secret and inability to communicate.  On the other side of things, it showed how a new family can form and adversity can be challenged and overcome in the story of Caroline (the nurse/adoptive mother) and Phoebe (the unwanted baby); though adversity is a VERY small part of the plot. 

The book had a great idea.  If the characters had a little more dimension (hello, the nurse gave almost no thought or care to packing up her things and a newborn child and moving away on a whim) and if the story focused more on Phoebe and her trials and tribulations growing up and less on the Henry’s family I think the story would have been awesome.

Add to my disappointment that there is a Lifetime movie of this.  Very few good books become Lifetime movies and that should tell you something about a book when it is.  (Only exception to this are the Nora Roberts movies in my opinion).




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