Dawn of the Boredom

3 03 2010

I was super excited to receive my advance copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls.  I started reading it right away and was at once amused to see the Bennet girls younger and first learning of the zombie plague.  There was quite a bit of humor throughout the story and I thought that perhaps this would be a great prequel experience. 

I was disappointed.  Not only did the plot leave something to be desired, the characters themselves were so poorly fleshed out as to have been mistaken for the undead themselves.  Jane was simply a shy, demure, insipid character with no admirable qualities.  She was so far from the Jane we love in Pride and Prejudice she could have been a completely different character.  Kitty and Lydia were nowhere near as giggly and vapid as they became throughout the original story.  The biggest disappointment was in Elizabeth Bennet and that whereas she should have had some of the spark of her future self, she had none.  Elizabeth is portrayed to be the most adept pupil, however the growth of her quick tongue in completely overlooked.   

I expected PPZ:DOD to take me to the beginning and show me how the Bennet girls became the women that they were.  I wanted to see the beginnings of the zombie plague in regency England and understand how that impacted society (or did not impact society).  I wanted the book to hold true to the basics of Austen’s literature.  I did not get any of those things.

The most fun I got out of the book was explaining the cover to my coworkers as they were unschooled in Quirk Classics. 


Good news for readers, if you want to win some free Quirk stuff, click HERE and mention my blog (with URL please!) and get entered in the drawing.  Please don’t think that Quirk stuff stinks just because I didn’t like this book.  I had great reviews for their other books. This one just didn’t do it for me.

If, despite my warnings, you’d like to get a copy of PPZ:DOD, most bookstores and Quirk themselves are taking pre-orders.

Happy reading!




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