Epic series crashes to an end…

14 05 2010

So I finished the Sword of Truth series yesterday.  (I still have a prequel I can go back and read, but I’m going to take a break and tackle Harry Potter.)  I find myself flummoxed that such an epic story can end so abruptly.  SO many characters and details developed through the 11 books and in the matter of a few brief pages, the journey through Richard’s life and the lives of those around him is all neatly packaged and they all lived happily ever after. 

I mean, what happens to Jagang’s army?  Do Richard and Kahlan ever start a family?  What about Tom and Jennsen? A Mord-Sith and a general in the D’Haran army, how does that work out? Does Scarlet get better?  Seriously… so much was left at just barely having a resolution. 

I was completely entranced by this series, but now I want more.  I may get my wish.  Rumors (that might be verified by now) are that there will be a ‘new’ series of adventures of Richard and Kahlan.  It’s not more of the Sword of Truth series, but a new series branching off.  Fun times.  I hope we get to see what happens.  If not I may write and request the last three months of my life back. 

Through the series I found myself cheering on Kahlan, hating but loving Nicci, rooting for Cara, and hoping that Richard saved the day in time.  I became invested in the characters.  That is something that doesn’t always happen.  I also was impressed by all of the detail that allowed me to see the places and events as they came in the story.  I occasionally wished for some pictures of things they were talking about, but mostly only because I wanted to know if my mind envisioned them correctly.

Now that I’m done reading the series, I may look into finding/renting the tv series The Seeker that is based on the books.  I’ve heard that it’s good, but not terribly accurate.  I may be disappointed. 

Off to search, purchase, and load Harry Potter onto the Kindle in preparation for work this weekend.  I’ll let you know what I think soon.




One response

14 05 2010
Paulinerose Soden

I considered reading the Harry Potter Series myself. Someone gave me the whole ereader set.

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