The Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter

4 08 2010


I have successfully completed the whole Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling since my last post.  I also re-read the Twilight series in preparation for Eclipse to hit theaters, finished the Anne of Green Gables series, read though most of the Philippa Gregory Tudor novels, and downloaded about 150 other books to the Kindle, most being part of a series.  I suppose I’m on a series kick. 

On to business:

I found the entire Harry Potter series to be fantastic.  I had no idea what I was missing from the books by simply watching the movies.  The characters are different and better.  Dumbledore is so much more funny in the book, Mr Weasely is a little more good-natured absent-minded-professor/spare fatherly figure, Mrs. Weasely is the same as the movies but at the same time MORE, and Snape is even more terrifying in print.  Overall the first three books and movies match up.  There are minor things changed and omitted.  Book four (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) is where things start to change more than I think they should have.  The Tri-Wizard Tournament (and the new characters that are introduced) are vastly changed not just in an obvious way but in the feel of them.  (I know, that’s a little abstract, but it is so hard to explain without giving away a BUNCH of stuff.) Going on from book four the changes and omissions completely change the feel for the rest of the series.  I have NO IDEA how they are going to make a movie (or two movies) to do the book justice, or even figure out where to split the movie. 

A few points of serious contention with me (without spoiling anything too much):

  • The Half-Blood Prince was a HUGE issue in the book and they barely touched on it in the movie.
  • Harry and Jenny’s relationship-enough said.
  • Why aren’t the house elves in any of the movies other than Chamber of Secrets?
  • Quiddich World Cup, Victor Crum, Alastair Moody.
  • Why didn’t they explain Master’s Mooney, Padfoot, Wormtail, and Prongs better?  I only knew what they were talking about after reading the books. 
  • What happened to Victor, Fleur, Bill Weasely, etc?  They just disappear in the movies!

So much more that I can’t get in to.  Read the books!  They’re so awesome.  I wish there were more.  I want to know what else happens!




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