Epic series crashes to an end…

14 05 2010

So I finished the Sword of Truth series yesterday.  (I still have a prequel I can go back and read, but I’m going to take a break and tackle Harry Potter.)  I find myself flummoxed that such an epic story can end so abruptly.  SO many characters and details developed through the 11 books and in the matter of a few brief pages, the journey through Richard’s life and the lives of those around him is all neatly packaged and they all lived happily ever after. 

I mean, what happens to Jagang’s army?  Do Richard and Kahlan ever start a family?  What about Tom and Jennsen? A Mord-Sith and a general in the D’Haran army, how does that work out? Does Scarlet get better?  Seriously… so much was left at just barely having a resolution. 

I was completely entranced by this series, but now I want more.  I may get my wish.  Rumors (that might be verified by now) are that there will be a ‘new’ series of adventures of Richard and Kahlan.  It’s not more of the Sword of Truth series, but a new series branching off.  Fun times.  I hope we get to see what happens.  If not I may write and request the last three months of my life back. 

Through the series I found myself cheering on Kahlan, hating but loving Nicci, rooting for Cara, and hoping that Richard saved the day in time.  I became invested in the characters.  That is something that doesn’t always happen.  I also was impressed by all of the detail that allowed me to see the places and events as they came in the story.  I occasionally wished for some pictures of things they were talking about, but mostly only because I wanted to know if my mind envisioned them correctly.

Now that I’m done reading the series, I may look into finding/renting the tv series The Seeker that is based on the books.  I’ve heard that it’s good, but not terribly accurate.  I may be disappointed. 

Off to search, purchase, and load Harry Potter onto the Kindle in preparation for work this weekend.  I’ll let you know what I think soon.


Recent news!

4 05 2010

So, perhaps I haven’t posted all that frequently recently.  I’ve been a little busy with work, dealing with strep (again), and looking for a new apartment.  The good news is, I’m healthy (ish) and have found a new apartment that Penguin (the boyfriend), Ruby (the beagador), and I move into June 1st.  YAY!  I’ve also been doing plenty of reading, mostly in part to my sister’s very generous gift.

Introducing, my newest book!

Or more accurately, my newest potential 3,000+ books. 


Yes, my lovely little sister Megs bought me a Kindle.  It’s supposed to be a consolation prize to finding out that she, her husband, and my new niece (who I’ve never seen though she’s nearly 7-months-old) can’t afford to fly down from Alaska anytime soon.  I’m disappointed about not seeing them; but the Kindle has taken some of the sting out of it. 

Truthfully, I didn’t expect this.  Megs conspired with my roommate to find out which book reader I wanted.  I have looked at them all, played with them all, and obsessed over them all.  I wanted a Kindle.  So one showed up (on a particularly crappy day no less) and changed my world.  No longer do I have to lug around a giant purse with 3 novels in it.  I can simply throw my Kindle in my much  smaller purse and go with many many novels at my fingertips.

I immediately charged, registered, and loaded my Kindle with many of the free classics (that I haven’t been reading) and then downloaded the rest of the Sword of Truth series (which is really addictive… book 10 of 11 and I’m losing sleep reading “just one more chapter/30-minutes”).  Downloads are quick and easy.  I used my computer for most of them, but did make myself search and download one from the Kindle so I knew that I could if the need ever arose. 

I’m in love with this piece of technology. 

Get one! Your life will never be the same.

Richard Cypher and His Sword

10 03 2010

So, once upon a time I wouldn’t be caught dead reading anything with magic, dragons, etc. in it because I thought only geeks read those books.  (This was back when I thought the only redeemable novels consisted of Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and Victoria Holt.)  Recently however, I needed something to read at work other than Anna Karenina as that dead Russian guy can get a little dry, and come 3 a.m. I just can’t take it anymore. 

Enter Penguin, and him lending me a copy of Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind.  It’s the first book in the Sword of Truth series. I was still skeptical at first, and the first few chapters didn’t help a whole lot.  I powered through and found myself texting Penguin saying things like, “**** is the great wizard! He is! Right?”  and “I knew it! I knew it!”  and “That’s so sad! ****** shouldn’t be treated like that!” Lots of exclamations and more than a few chuckles on Penguin’s end. 

Basic storyline is that Darken Rahl (bad guy) is ticked that his dad was killed by the great wizard.  He wants revenge.  He also wants to do what every evil person in a magical land wants to do–he wants to rule the world.  To do this he needs to find and open the correct magic box.  The catch, if he opens the wrong one either a) he dies, or b) everyone dies.  So, this means the good guy/s need to get it together to save the world from… well… all but the option where the evil guy dies.

Richard Cypher is the guy who doesn’t know how awesome he is.  He grew up in Westland, where there is no magic.  He also grew up with a secret he swore his father not to tell anyone.  He meets Kahlan when he rescues her from a quad send by Darken Rahl to kill her.  Richard decides to help Kahlan after a long talk with his friend Zedd during which he becomes The Seeker.  Basically this means he gets a cool sword that works in tandem with his anger.  Richard spends a great deal of the story learning how to master his anger in good and bad ways with good and bad outcomes. 

There’s really so many things that happen in the book, that I can’t share them all.  Since there’s a whole series of books about the Sword of Truth I think I’m safe to tell you that Richard doesn’t die.  I leave the rest for readers to figure out on their own. 

I was captivated by Richard’s plight; the family he’s lost, the unknowns he has to face, the girl he can’t have, etc.  The chemistry between him and Kahlan had my heart aching and my eyes tearing at more than one point and I found myself hoping against hope that there would be a way to make it work. 

I read all 700-some pages in less than a week.  All told, it was probably around 48 consecutive hours as I work and don’t get as much time to read as I’d like.  I’m hoping to get through the rest of the series in a similar amount of time.  I already have books two through six sitting and waiting on me.